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With liveMAGICC we provide an easy to use interface for the climate model MAGICC 6 to create your own climate pathways online by gliding through three tabs:

  • Step 1: Choosing emissions (emission scenario upload for Pro users)
  • Step 2: Select model settings
  • Step 3: View climate output (output download for Pro users)

If you make any use of this work, please cite: the MAGICC reference for liveMAGICC

Now we need a few seconds to setup MAGICC for your personal use.


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liveMAGICC v2 is coming

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We are currently working on a new release of the liveMAGICC web platform. In order to receive constructive user feedback and learn from our users feedback we are running a small survey before we migrate the system. Please take two minutes to share your experience with liveMAGICC!

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