Bug Tracker

This is a list of known bugs of live.magicc.org. Bugs regarding the MAGICC6 executable you can discuss in the MAGICC user forum or report via the feedback form. Last update of this list: 1504890120

010.golly2012-07-10not yetbrowser test chrome sortable does not work. selectable area does not work properly (multiple by drag-and-drop)
011.golly2012-07-10not yetmagicc installation progress bar shows 104% (e.g.)
012.golly2012-08-032012-08-30users are not able to set personal time zone when displaying run's time etc. Done->used OS setting of client to define the offset
013.golly2012-07-28not yetrelative paths of BULK runs are still not long enough. Filenames happen to be broken at file extension (.BULKBINOUT) like. *.BULKBINOU or *.BULK. I changed the script that it can handle incomplete file names...